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Community Action

We are involved in various activities, i.e., Lend a Hand Day, Marathon marshalling, Cancer Care Hair Appeal, and Stevenage Day etc.

The Rotary Club of Stevenage has a wealth of knowledge and experience in organising, marshalling and assisting with community events. Do you need help with your event? Please contact us to see how we can help.

Every year we dedicate one day that we titled ‘Lend a Hand Day’ in April to help with small domestic and garden chores. If you need our help or know of somebody that does, please ensure their names are put on our register via Age Concern Stevenage.

Every now and then, ill-willed individuals pick on charities and well-meaning causes. The Club reacts with speed and kindness to minimise the damage they’ve made. If you, like the Cancer Hair Care Charity, find yourself in difficulty please get in touch.

Localised flood disasters seem to plague our lives these days and Rotary is quick to send relief, whether financial or equipment, where it is needed. When, and unfortunately it is when rather than if, the next disaster strikes and you would like to help please drop us a note.

There is much more that the Rotary Club of Stevenage is involved in, for example, our work with various larger employers on their Corporate Social Responsibility. Far too much to list it all here. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

“You guys have this down to a fine art. The baggage tent is amazingly organised and the marshals along the way were so encouraging. An amazing experience. Thanks”
Mary, Stevenage Marathon Runner, 2014