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What we do

In terms of local, national and international community engagement, development and disaster relief, there is little we don’t do, but here is just a flavour of our activities.

As part of a family of more than 1.2 million Rotarians in around 34,000 Clubs from several countries, we get to hear about new situations that rock the world almost immediately. We prepare for disasters throughout the year mainly through our warehouse full of Shelter Boxes and can, therefore, react to those events with unprecedented speed. However, beside disasters we engage in many international educational and development projects taking place in many countries.

We have the skills, the manpower, the means and the will to help locally too. Dealing with floods is slowly becoming one of our main strengths, but we don’t shy away from any community worth causes.

We work equally well with the younger members of our community and host many Rotary-wide competitions such as the Young Photographer or Youth Speaks.

If you would like to become a Member of our Club, need our help, or are interested in helping us, please email us at the address given below ….