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Rotary Clubs have around 1.2 million Members in 200 countries and 34,000 Clubs and as such we are one of the first to learn about disasters from around the World. Our response to many such disasters are through the Shelter Box scheme, which we have sent to Haiti, Philippines and most recently to Nepal. If you would like to donate towards a shelter box please do so by contacting our Secretary.

Stevenage is twinned with Kadoma, Zimbabwe to which we regularly donate. We are however involved in many other international development charities such as Just be a Child, KISS or Rotary run projects. For example: Guildford Rotary Eye Project, End Polio Now, Mercy Ships, and Jaipur Limb.

"Without Rotary’s generous grant our Playground project would remain a dream." Just be a Child

Throughout the years we have supported and sponsored a large number of students on their gap year, participating in causes ranging from teaching English in orphanages to caring for orphaned elephants. If you are setting out on a cause that is close to your heart and helps others, please come and talk to us.